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Landscaping design 

Landscapes have many different facets, hard landscaping such as retaining walls, excavation and paving to soft landscaping being planting, lawns etc.

Visualising the end result can sometimes be hard when it is explained to you in just words.

Investing in a Concept/Design plan is the first step to ensure that your visual dream can come to reality as you envisaged.  This also ensures you and the Landscaper are on the “same page”.

The team at Deckreation are experienced in all aspects of our great backyards. We can do your concept plan at an affordable rate to ensure you get just what you want, heaps of enjoyment from your backyard, while adding huge value to your property.

We will discuss with you your vision, wish list and purpose for your outdoor space. Talk through and provide ideas and options, understand any constraints and know your budget.  We will develop a concept drawing and planting brief so you can see your Landscape vision come to life before making any decisions. Then leave the rest to us we can take care of the whole project with our team of qualified landscapers and experienced carpenters.

Our process

  • Meet at your site to discuss and understand your vision and purpose for your space. We take into consideration your house design, privacy requirements, exposure to natural elements and how you like to spend time outdoors.

  • We will inspect your site thoroughly to make sure we are aware of any constraints or potential hurdles we may face.

  • Discuss approximate budgets to make sure any design work done is within these expectations.

  • Then we would develop a concept drawing and design brief for you

  • We can also put together a planting plan for you

  • When you want to start your project then we can handle the whole process with our team of qualified landscape designers and experienced carpenters. This removes all communication breakdowns between different parties.

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