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5 Reasons to choose a Stratco pergola

The first reason to build a pergola is to be the envy of all your neighbours as the value and appeal of your property will increase substantially! But in all honesty, there are so many reasons to build a pergola, and we have narrowed the list to the top ones our clients repeatedly tell us. We hope the list is helpful for you when choosing which new pergola you want for your Auckland property.

1. Increase your property value

Adding a pergola to your outdoor living area is rapidly becoming a popular choice, as people try to come up with creative ways to increase the value of their homes.

New Zealanders are a nation of home investors and this is how we traditionally invest our money, so we work on landscaping our gardens, build new decks, new fences and build pergolas which all add stand out appeal and measurable value to residential properties. Look at all the expensive homes for sale today and you will see they all have fantastic outdoor living areas with the option to sit in direct sunlight or protected from the sun's harmful rays.

2. Modernise the family home

Anyone can have a square boxed home that looks appealing but having the indoor / outdoor flow is becoming more appealing as the days get hotter. By building a deck that is flush with the level of your house is a great way to make your house look more open and the pergola makes it look like your house has been extended. It is a great way to bring the outdoors in and to increase the size of your home.

3. To keep our children and family safe from the harmful NZ sun

We all want to raise our children the same way we were brought up - in the great outdoors! No one wants to have to stay indoors when the sun is at its peak, and no parent is keen to tell the children they can’t play outside, and have to stay in and play on the X-box! This is not the Kiwi childhood we want for our kids - and these days, sunscreen is just not blocking out enough sun. A pergola is the ideal way to create an outdoor space that has zero UV rays. Don't be that family that sits under the hole in the ozone layer frying!

4. The social aspect

We wouldn't be Kiwi if we didn't like to have friends over for a BBQ during summer - and in fact, we still love the social aspect during winter, as long as the host doesn't have to stand in the rain to tend the BBQ!

Of course we can put on a roast and sit around the table inside... or we can sit warm and dry outside under our pergola, around the outdoor fire pit, and listen to the rain falling around us.

How incredibly lucky are we to live in Auckland - but this is the city that inspired Crowded House's Four Seasons in One Day, and of course, we need shady outdoor space in summer too, to keep our friends happy when it's steaming hot outdoors. Pergolas are year round protection for the social butterflies.

5. Pergolas offer long lasting shade protection

It doesn't take long for umbrellas and sails to degrade in Auckland, as we have intense UV light, strong winds and salty sea breezes.

If a shade umbrella small enough to move indoors, it's a hassle trying to predict the weather and racing it out whenever you want shelter on your deck. The most effective and useful size umbrellas are super heavy and hard to move - and, along with shade sails on your deck, they will degrade and discolour after a couple of seasons - whereas a pergola provides shade and shelter year after year after year.

Ask us about pergola options for your Auckland deck.


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