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Before you build a new deck, check this list!

1. What decking timber do you want to use for your new deck?

Check our list of decking timbers here - or ask us about how the type of decking wood you want will perform for you. What colour wood do you want? Light, dark, interesting grain? How hard wearing does it need to be to last in the environment - are you coastal, or in a wet area with overhanging trees?

2. What will you use your new deck area for?

How much space do you need? What furniture will be on your new deck when it is finished being built? How many people will use the deck at one time?

3. What access do you need to your new deck?

Will your new deck have stairs up one side, full width steps built up the front to give wider access to the garden - or will you only be able to reach your deck from inside the house?

4. How can you make the most of the new outdoor living space?

Do you need to trim or remove trees first to let in light and stop shade from causing mould to grow? Do you have the right doors installed to offer easy indoor outdoor flow? Can you create a way that the deck gives access to the house, lawn and garage for better living?

5. What views will you have from the new decking area?

Will you be able to view the ocean from the new deck, or could it be angled outwards to deliver a more attractive view than if you build your new deck ina straight rectangle alongside the wall of the house?

6. And, are there going to be views you don't want?

Will your deck raise you up so you can now see into your neighbour's yard - or will you be sunbathing in full view of their living room window?

No problem, we can build a fence or a wall that shields your privacy while you enjoy life on your new deck!

7. Will your deck be council compliant?

Ask us about this - we can advise about a new deck design that will pass the permitting process with flying colours.

Give the Deckreation team a call now and ask all your decking questions!


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