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Before you build a new fence, check this list!

Building a fence is an exciting project for any homeowner who takes pride in their home, as it can add that extra bit of flair, privacy, shelter, security and aesthetic that makes all the difference to your outdoor area, garden and property value!

Because it’s exciting, far too many people jump into a fencing project thinking “I can do this” - but rushing the building of a new fence on your property can have serious consequences. An ugly fence is an eyesore you'll have to live with for a very long time, and new fences that don't meet your need for shelter, privacy or security will just leave you feeling let down.

It’s not like deciding that a planting phoenix palm in your garden is a bad idea - you can’t easily remove a fence and it’s not simple or a cheap to build a second fence.

Here's our checklist for building a new fence in Auckland:

1. Research! Research! Research!

We’ve helped many clients who have started a new fence building job or even completed a fence and it isn’t the look they were going for - or properly contructed. Extensive research is the only way to be sure you will get the new fence of your dreams - or you can talk to the experts, and we'll guide you based on our knowledge of fence building.

2. What is the aim of your fence?

This is an important question when planning a new fence. Are you building the fence for privacy, for aesthetic reasons, safety and security, or to keep children and pets from running out onto the road? Your answer will influence the style and plan for your new fence. It's expensive to get it wrong and have to go back and alter things or add a gate - so it's well worth the time planning your new fence in detail up front.

3. What sort of fencing material do you want?

It's extremely important to consider the climate you live in, and if you want your new fence to be low maintenance. There are some great fence options available for all weather conditions, but the wrong material could end up looking weathered and require a lot of up-keep. We know our timber fences and railing fences stand the test of time and we understand the effect that the Auckland climate has on residential fencing, so do talk to our expert fencing team.

4. How can investing in new fencing increase the value of my property?

Simple! Choose fence builders who will do it right, and choose the new fence style that suits your home, provides privacy, and that looks incredible. Fences undoubtedly add to your property value regardless of what style you choose but getting just the right new fence built will push that value up even more.

5. Think long term

Are you going to build a new deck in your yard one day, or does it make sense to build it now as part of your fencing project? Are you going to sell or rent your house in the future, and is the fencing style you are considering going to suit the new owners or tenants? Will a fence help your home appeal to older people who want peace, quiet and security, or to a young family that want their kids and pets kept safely in the back yard? Should you spend less as you will be selling soon, or more as you intend to enjoy your home for years to come and want to get it just right? These considerations will ensure that your investment in your fence delivers additional gains in the future.

6. Don’t DIY

There is more technique to building a fence than you can imagine! Would you be able to live with a fence that isn’t even on the top, or has crooked posts - or is slowly starting to lean as you didn’t put the posts in deep enough?

There really is an art to building a new fence to perfection - so leave it to us. Tell us your budget, and we will show you the options that suit your goals - and we guarantee you will be happy with the workmanship.

Ask us about ideas for your new fence in Auckland.


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