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Outdoor Deck Designs & Inspirational Ideas

Decks can be connected to a house or detached. The choice of decking wood is an important decision both from design and durability aspects. Then there's the type of deck (wraparound, pool deck, stand alone, etc), along with new deck shape, size and even the placement pattern of the wood.

"Unlike a patio, there can be more involved in deck planning. Since decks are raised, they may require a blueprint and engineering. A permit

may need to be submitted to and approved by your local planning department. You need a decking plan, and you will need to find a decking contractor to do the job. And, of course, there's the budget, which often dictates just about everything."

Check out this great blog for gorgeous decking inspiration ideas!

Then, get in touch to talk about what you want to achieve with your new deck design.


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