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Smart tips for designing your new deck

A new deck will add beautiful outdoor space to your home, and there is no better time to build a new deck than right now. A well thought out deck design will add value to your home and provide a space for you to enjoy life more!

It's important to have a great decking plan, so we have gathered together a list of things we know it is worth considering before work begins on deck building.

1. Know your budget. We can then scale your deck plan within your budget.

2. Decide the size and location of your new deck. Take into account the distance from your boundary, overhanging trees, where the evening sun falls, where the best views are and entry to your home across the deck from the garden.

3. Consider privacy. Will you need screens or fences built along certain sides of your new deck to mute noise and block the view of neighbour's yards (or your new deck area)?

4. Plan for the weather. Think about the prevailing wind direction and where sunlight falls. Your new deck should not be too exposed to the wind and needs to get good sunlight. Maybe one side of the deck would benefit from a wall, or pull down plastic curtains?

5. Pergolas. Having an area of shade over some of your deck makes the area much more usable in hot weather and if you build a waterproof roof over your deck you may use it a lot more in winter months.

6. Choose the best decking wood. We are more than happy to advise on the best decking wood for your situation.

7. Decide what your deck features will be. Often the features you want on your new deck can be cleverly built into the deck design - like built in seating, fireplaces, an area for a spa or hot tub, planter boxes and outdoor heaters. It's also great to plan ahead for electrical wiring for lighting and outdoor sound systems.

8. Building consent. Ask us about building code requirements for footings, railing height, the best decking wood to use, fasteners and materials, etc.

9. Check before you dig. Make sure you know where power water and phone lines run before you design foundations and footings or finalise the deck position.

There is a lot to consider when building your new deck, but we are more than happy to advise and bring a wealth of deck design experience to your project. Feel free to ask us now about your deck ideas!

Any living area can be attractively extended by building a new deck.


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