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Why winter is a great time to redesign your outdoor living area

Winter is coming... But it isnt too late to build a new deck or sort out the retaining walls for your landscaping project.

We admit, it's nicer working outdoors in summer but for our clients, winter is an ideal time to get work done on their outdoor living areas. Here's why.

1. Your outdoor area is ready and waiting for you to enjoy it at the very first day of spring!

2. We will be less booked and able to begin your project sooner.

3. You wont be using your outdoor area as much in winter so the project will be less of an inconvenience.

4. Who knows, you may even decide to time it to happen while you are on holiday in the South Pacific enjoying the sunny breezes before coming home to a job well done.

5. With the landscaping and building done already, you can take full advantage of the great gardening conditions in spring and get your new planting in and ready to look amazing over summer.

Sound smart?

Give us a call on 0800 2 QUOTE to plan your winter landscaping project now.


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